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Create online invoices with our invoicing tool and CRM-application

CoManage is an online tool tailored for the modern entrepreneur. Manage your customers, invoice templates, offers, products and projects online. On your desktop, tablet and smartphone whereever, whenever you want.

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Create invoices and manage your costs

The era of creating invoices in Word, or calculate amounts in Excel is definitely over. With our invoicing module, you can quickly create new one-time or periodic invoices. The invoices can automatically be linked to a customer you've entered before. Once your invoice is ready, one click is all you need to convert to PDF and send to your customer.

Manage customers

No more searching for customer or supplier data. With CoManage it's easy to manage your client and supplier details. You only have to enter contact details once. The integrated search functionality allows you to quickly find necessary data. With one click of the mouse, you can easily use this data for your appointments, quotes or invoices.

Preparing and sending quotes

Sending a quote takes you one step closer to a sale. Unfortunately, creating these often takes up a lot of time and energy. CoManage allows you to have fun while quickly generating new and professional looking quotes, personalized with your company logo. If your quote gets accepted, you can turn it into an invoice in just a single click.

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Manage products & services

Import your products and services, and give them default values such as quantity, price, VAT and discounts. After this, you're able to quickly add your products and services to an invoice or offer. No more manual entry of invoicing lines for existing products or services. Your inventory will be updated according to any invoiced quantities.

Monitoring projects per customer

Do you want to link different files or projects to an existing customer? That’s possible! For each customer, you can link different projects and categorize them completely to your needs. This way, you can follow up each project separately. The status is presented in a clear overview.

Co-working made easy

Multiple people working together? CoManage allows you to create teams, add members and assign user rights accordingly, making it a breeze for companies with multiple users to manage the company account while allowing or restricting employee data access as desired.

Start saving time
and work digital

You save time

With CoManage you make your invoices with a few clicks. This way you have more time for your customers, or yourself.

More approvals

With CoManage you can react quickly to a quote request. This considerably increases your chances of approval.

error-free calculations

Calculations in Excel are a thing of the past. VAT and discounts are automatically calculated on the invoice.

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Perfect for every starting entrepreneur who is looking for a simple management system for his company. Decide after 14 days whether you want to continue using CoManage or not.

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  • manage customers
  • unlimited online invoicing & offers
  • manage costs
  • periodic invoices & auto. invoice reminders
  • manage products & projects
  • digitally approve/sign offers
  • extra team members (paid)
  • 7/7 kick-ass support

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