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The growth of your business stands or falls with good project management. As a self-employed person or company, drawing up a good planning is not always easy. Which project do you give priority to? Which projects are delayed? For which projects can you already make an invoice?

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An everyday example of project management

To give you an idea about what CoManage can do for your business, we briefly describe how a landscaping company organises its projects with our solution.

Before sending an offer with CoManage, the business owner enters the details of his potential new customer. When the other party agrees with the proposal, the gardener creates a project for his customer.

Depending on the size of the project (one time gardening, periodic maintenance of the garden, construction of a pond, etc.), the gardener creates one or several projects. All of them are assigned a deadline, allowing the entrepreneur to organise his time very well and deliver in due time. For every project, he fills in important notes, such as ‘request a quote from the landscape architect, order plants at gardening centre, lawnmower occupied for this day, etc.’

By organising their projects in detail, the landscaping company knows exactly what to do when for which client. Thanks to the decent project planning, there is no risk of not living up to promises. And the customers? They are happy to spread the word that they received outstanding services.

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